[Dup] Carpenter's Workbench Forever and Ever


Hey again! Been playing a lot of Stonehearth tonight. Anyways, I found something that’s not too important, but is still a logic error of sorts.

So in game I found that you can bring up your Carpenter’s Workshop,

All normal, then I pressed the button again by accident and it brought up another workshop window.

And you can do this,


and ever, mwahahaha

until everything is black and it takes two minutes for the window to load a new workshop window.

Steps to Reproduce

Go into a game and promote a citizen to carpenter. When you upgrade them, build a workbench. Go into the workbench and press the anvil. Then press it again as many times as you want to until your game gets so slow you can’t bear it any more.

My computer is a Lenovo ThinkPad W530. I run Windows 7 and have an intel core i7 processor.

Hopefully this helps! I’m not sure this has been covered before. I’ll let you know if I find more! :smile:


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