[Con] Hearthian UI Breaking Workshops

Hi All;

Time for another bug update from yours truly :smile:

So today, I was working with the good people of ‘Hope’s End’, and we came across a small problem.

The town is in it’s infancy, but we decided that we needed to change carpenters (because the other one just wasn’t working out… It’s hard to find good help these days, even in a sprawling metropolis like ‘Hope’s End’). So, I had the character UI open and was looking over the stats for the town’s denizens. (see below)

Chopper indeed… He complained about splinters when chopping wood! Some carpenter he made!

I then decided that I would ask him to make one more thing while I, as their benevolent Overlord and Master, decided who to replace Mr. Prestin with. I then made the mistake of hitting the workshop button (the little anvil thingie) WHILE the character UI was open. That action gave me the following error:

What?! What in the world? Errors!?! Good thing I saved my game!

This error will break your workshop. You will not be able to even switch characters and make another carpenter workshop, so… reload!

So here are the steps to replicate said error:

1- Click the carpenter’s workshop, to get it into the corner of the screen.
2- Open the character UI
3- Click the workshop anvil
4- Bask in the glory that is a workshop breaking error report.

Have a great day, Keep Calm and Build On!


Confirmed! (This can also reproducible with the weaver workbench and it doesn’t matter which citizen is in the character info window)

I think this may be a more general issue that occurs randomly with the UI and could ultimately fix many bugs. What a great way to reproduce it. Good job.

Edit: If you close the character info window and select the same character from the character list, you can view the ‘Carpenter Workbench’ in the character info window :stuck_out_tongue:

Behold my ‘Carpenter Workbench’ citizen with (predictably) no stats, no job abilities, no attributes, and tragically no morale… Tried to rename him ‘Stumpy’ to boost morale but it didn’t take…


Like if you hit the number “3” it activates the mining screen.

LOL - ‘Stumpy’… I love it :smile:

Thanks, I hope that these reports help somebody out there that may be having troubles with their SH.