A few glitches / Errors found on Alpha 7 (With print screens <3 )

This is the first error that was also on Alpha 6. This error pretty much happens at random points and either won’t allow you to save the game or open it.

This one is defiantly new, I was making little area’s on the ground and it just randomly went as the picture shows, I cannot edit it or even interact with this area. My cafe also suffered the same fate but lucky a re-load fixed the cafe but it doesn’t fix this little area.

This one almost simular in every way to the one above, Pretty much I was making a building, It was all fine nothing preventing it, And it came up like it currently is. It can’t be deleted, Touched or even edited.

This was just a random error I got, Didn’t really effect anything but thought i’d report it anyway!

In this error I tried undoing a building and apparently Stonehearth did not approve of my choice to undo the work!
This was a semi large house, 20 X 20, The walls never fully got rolled back, You can kinda see the wall behind the errors :stuck_out_tongue: And after that, I had to start a new world.

This person decided it was a nice place just to chill till I had to save her with ladders!

And the last one, I don’t have a print screen for, But it’s a pretty bad bug, When saving the world (this happened’ s randomly) It will delete the saved data. So to say my world was named World, I would click Overwite and the saved game World would just get deleted,

Sorry if any or all have been reported prior to this,


Hey everyone! Merry Christmas.

I’ve been playing Alpha 7, And I managed to make record the saving issue. I’m around day 35, This has happened a few times during today. I hope this is clear enough for everyone to see, (My current recorder sucks, I’ll be getting a better recording software and editing software this week just for Stonehearth <3) Anyway I hope this helps people see the issue I’ve been having with the saving :blush: