[Dev Blog] Stonehearth Latest Branch Updated to develop-2081! ALPHA 8!



Depends, what version does it say on the main screen in-game?

Stonehearth 0.1.0 (Develop 2080)

So I created a New game saved it then exited out of Stonehearth. Then I opened it up and I clicked “continue” and an error comes up saying Assertion Failed i !=

And its like that if I make a new world and save then quit then trying to get back into it. Here is a pic OH BTW and if I hit the " OK" it will shut down stonehearth

That LOOKS to be new… that’s exciting!

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Its updating one more time as well. maybe that will fix the error???

It took some time and effort to update, but it’s Alpha 8 indeed. Enjoy! I know I will. :slight_smile:

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sadly the update did not fix the error :frowning:

Now we have duplicate threads. …


how what? man I do not like having to have 20 charecters lol

Same here also… meh it happens

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I have a bug logged on it here: [Con] [A9 r256] Assertion Failed: egRenderBase.h

Seems to be happening to everyone so far :frowning:


I’ve noticed a bug where my workers have disappeared while putting the roof on a building. All I can see is the roof being built, and I had an instance where wall mounted lamps disappeared, they provide no lighting but still occupy the space on the building.

So, apologies for my lack of computer understanding (I still have issues understanding specs for hardware despite my tech-nerdiness)… What exactly will happen with a change of binary systems; namely, 32-bit to 64? I just learned after looking at my Samsung laptop that it has a 64-bit operating system. Is there also some sort of video card that can either be 32- or 64-bit? What is required to perform on this new system?

I realized the video card on my system may not be that good, as certain games cause some serious heat or stuttering. I know laptops run a little hot, but I still try to play it safe and watch the temperatures when I check out new or developing games.

I (along with any other members of our community with similar concerns) appreciate your information and experience!


Yay for 64bit! :slight_smile: Hopefully can increase my Settler count. Well… when it happens :slight_smile:

Most stuff is working great but saved games are borked even worse now. I have a bug logged. It’s something well within the Horde3D engine otherwise I’d just release a mod that fixes it :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep up the great work guys :smiley:

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taken care of… :wink:


Some reading material, its pretty straight forward run down of it. hope it helps :slight_smile:

This is the risk of making a release on a Friday. But it’s also good in order to gather feedback and bugs during a couple of days and review them on Monday.

On a side note, I wish people would make more mods. The potential is so big already… we can do almost anything, look how fast are they adding new contents to the game.

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