Game Lost saves

My game is A17.3019 version and it still losts my progress as in A16!
Thats very upsetting and makes me to load game from the older saves and play all again the auto-save is crashed more oftern than others (maybe because I save there more important progress...) and thats makes game to be hard and boring
Do something to this

Welcome to the forum, @_LUNAR :slight_smile:

Could you explain a little more what’s happening?

By your post I understand that you’re playing A17.3019 loading saves from A16, but the autosave is crashing your game so it actually never saves, is this correct?

Can you save manually or that is also not working?
Are your A16 savefiles fine, or do you see any problem with them (like, they don’t load correctly or they have been deleted)?

Lastly, there’s a more recent version of Stonehearth on Steam, it’s A17dev3023 , if you want to check it out.

No I’m playing 1.7 saves but I’ve encountered the same problem on the 1.6 version

I also have an undefeatable save folder.
I’ve got it when copied crashed save file

Do you get an error when the game crashes?
If so, could you post an screenshot of it?

Also, it can be useful if you upload your stonehearth.log file from right after the bug happens.
The log is located under C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth

Sorry, I have not enough money to buy it at Steam. The game crashes only after next starting.

If you bought it via Humble Bundle the log is located in a different path: C:\Users\YourNameHere\AppData\Local\stonehearth\

You mean that you exit the game thinking autosave worked, but the next time you hit continue it crashes?

Could you upload the crashed save, too?