New Classes: Assistants & Mailmen/women

These are just a few classes that I came up with inspired from my other post Crafted item designation & stored item moving

Assistants: Requires job class of any kind other than worker in village.
Must be then designated to a person with any job than worker and be called that in class description. (ex. Carpenter’s Assistant)

Description: This hearthling is now the assistant of said person. He/she will follow the hearthling wherever he/she goes, hand future needed items to, or next to the hearthling while they are crafting, and take whatever item they crafted/harvested/etc. to it’s rightful place.

Mailmen (name can be changed): No requirements

Desciption: this is the person who takes care of the storage of the village storage and move things where they need to be moved from and to (this class is based on my “specific inventories” & “move items from one inventory to another” ideas from my other post)

Those are my suggestions, say what you will and I hope you agree

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