Is it possable to

ive finally just beaten ogo skullbonker (after waiting 7 in game months for his event to trigger) now im going into new territory with the gongs is there a way i can get a list of the gear my army has equipped so i can see if they are as strong as they can possably be

update placed and defeated the first gong time to make the elete gong

If you select a hearthling and click on his/her portrait you can see everything he/she has equiped

i knwo that but i have 16 members in my army would be faster if i could generate a list of stats and equipped items

Not currently possible to do this, but I like the idea. Mind if I move this to #suggestions

Sounds like a good idea for a mod.

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yes please do move it to suggestions this would be a great help in the main game for people like me who fly thru the first 25 -30 hearthings

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