Training Trapper/Sheppard Pets

i feel that the pets the trapper keeps should be able to be trained to carry things and maybe even help fight and stuff that will make it so they are more than just a cute thing in your town now ecpecially the carrying things part i have a feeling that it would be cool to have them carry stuff to the stockpile or grab the loot from that old destroyed goblin camp while your hearthlings are mining or building a house it seems like a cool idea idk

Maybe also some pigs or cows for the sheperd that could give leather meat and milk and maybe the pigs could be trained to occasionaly dig something up out of the ground random things that could be useful idk i feel some of these are good ideas and i know even if you do put them in it might be QUITE a while but if you like or dislike my idea tell me why and such below

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Coincides with the ideas, but I have some other Suggestions. My English is very bad, I use translation software (forgive me)

  1. You can add some animals such as cows, pigs, dogs (tame Wolf), horses, and so on.
  2. Can be made to the textile profession add backpack options, such as cloth bags, leather bags, so that every time workers carrying goods more, because backpack can give workers a buff of slow walk. Workers can also take more food to remote places to explore.
  3. The bag can also give cow, dog, horse equipment, involve animals in transport, rather than silly stay inside the cage to waste food
  4. Engineers can make water wheel, such as windmills, (my castle high terrain, again I want to do a moat or pool I every way to introduce water). Or let the workers have a bucket to draw water.
  5. Can let the shepherd tame Wolf or horses, then give them making armor, let knights rode their increased mobility and combat effectiveness, the dog can also participate in patrol and so on.
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