Your own Wolves!

I was thinking since the trapper can have pets maybe he can tame wolves too!

How it would work:
There would be like a 5% chance for a wolf to spawn trapped in a trap and the trapper would have a 10% chance to tame it. If he doesn’t succeed the wolf will become hostile and attack the town.

(edit 1) You could feed the wolves from enemy camps meat once you destroy the camp to maake them yours but they will have an unstable trait wich makes them sometimes join enemies.

The wolves would have to eat meat of course because that’s what they eat!

The uses for wolves:
An adorable puppy doggy!

Perhaps there could be added some breeding system where you could breed more wolves for a pack but there would be a small chance to get a dog from it.

You could just have them roam around your camp and give a small moral boost to whoever they say hi to(because who doesn’t love to play with a doggy!)
(edit 2)You could have pet beds in which when a sleeping dog is near sleeping people they feel safer, feeling that they have something to protect them.

Your villagers could use them to pull sleighs in the snow areas and carts in the other areas for mass item transport.

Craftable armor! New recipes for the weaver and blacksmith?

They could be used in battle.
You can have them attack enemies without putting your people in danger!
Or you could mount them in battle for faster troops and drive by slashes!

All in all I hope you consider adding this to the game and I would love suggestions below(i will edit post with good suggestions if i see them!)


I’m always down for more doggos! Creating more purpose around taming and associated gameplay impacts is definitely something I’m interested in.


Great idea ! love it

I’d just like to mention that I think Minecraft has caused a bit of thinking that taming wolves gives you dogs, and in fact they’re not nearly as easy to tame.

… not that I’m against taming wolves, though. If it works well I’m all for it.


No, dogs and wolves are definitely definitely different. I just wanted to use the word “doggo”. :slight_smile:


I’m really down for wolves, and was kind of sad I didn’t have an option to adopt the wolves from an enemy camp when I freed them. I would’ve taken great care of them.

And like if a trapper /vs patrol team manages to bond with the wolves depends on what kind of wolf it’ll be for the village. If it’s tamed by a trapper, he’s more social and helps around he village (maybe even trying to get sad villagers from the new emotions update to “play fetch” or something to help them feel better). If he’s tamed by one of the fighting hearthlings, he hangs out with the patrol units, and possibly alerts to incoming attacks.


I defiantly wanted the enemy wolves too.


@Brackhar perhaps with a breeding system you could turn the wolves into dogs?

Isn’t a big game hunter class planned? That would be cool if said hunter could tame wolves :smiley:

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