Hauling more with wagons

During the mid-game I find that hauling seems to take longer and longer, Im guessing due to there is so much for the heartlings to do.

Couldnt the carpenter build a cart/wagon for the builders to be able to haul alot more?

I have done some larger buildings and the heartlings spend days running from the building to the stockpile and back again. Even there it would seem that a cart/wagon could make wonders.



Or maybe program a cart to act as a temporary stock pile or something so the workers can put everything they need in it and take it to the building site.

It seems like the crate mechanics would work almost directly if you wanted to order your Hearthlings to move the cart from one spot to another.

Now, automatically is a whole other matter. Personally, if automatic carts/wagons are added, I’d like a way to set routes so that my Hearthlings don’t leave them in dumb places, but I don’t want that system to be too complicated and micro-managey.

Sounds cool.
I think it would be more of an engeneers job, or maby this should open a whole new job class… Like transport crafter or something(I know, it’s bad job title)

Or some sort of backpack would be nice. Even though technically the hearthling already have one. But a feature, where the weaver make bigger and extended backpacks.
A wagon or cart sounds nice aswell. There have also been dicussed about a minecart of some sort.

Thx for reading :smile:

This is what I was getting at with the Teamster class suggestion: New Class: Teamster

I’d love to see it.


what if you could make a cart and it would allow for the placement of a storage create, or a stone chest, or a vault? i think that would be extremely useful

I actually touched briefly on this subject in my other post Your own Wolves!

Okay here’s an idea of how you can make a “Teamster” class work. (This is just an idea)
You could have the class be responsible for building the different wagons, as well as responsible for moving them.
For moving the wagons you could have it built around a timer system, so say you want a wagon to be outside your mine to help grab the ore. So you set the chest as being able to accept only ore, the teamster brings moves the wagon to the designated place at a certain time (so say 08:00). While its at this spot the wagon is set at a “load” state and be filled by the teamster until either it is filled or the time (say 15:00) arrives. Then you have a place set as the “unload” area where he/she will take it and empty the wagon and place the items in the closest stockpile or chest that will accept the items.

the next day they do it again (or until you redesignate the areas of “load” or “Unload” as well as the times. You would need to only have the additional animations of the cart moving. As well as the options for loading unloading and time.

What do you guys think?

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