How can I tame an "Untamed Wolf"?

I was clearing out trees for a home, then before my people come I spot wolfs! I get ready to send my gaurds there but… I saw their name, “UNTAMED wolfs” and I thought can I tame them, and how? Can you guys help me answer that question.

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Unfortunately, you can’t tame wolves at the moment. Allegedly we’ll have a new class in the future that should be able to do that, I think it was the animal trainer or something like that.

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So im guessing the animal tamer comes after the shepard. Thank you for your help. Im very new to stonehearth. I love the game, but I dont know much about it :P.

I tried fighting the wolfs, but they almost killed my gaurds. Do you have tips to get rid of them?

Fighting wolves depends on the difficulty you are playing and the number of wolves present. On normal difficultly a single footman should be able to dispatch two to three wolves without much damage. One tactic is to move you footman close to the wolf pack, but just close enough to attract the attention of one or two and when they break from the pack take them on one on one if possible.

On hard mode, a single footman can take a moderate amount of damage from wolves. Holding back until you have at least two footman and using pull tactic seems to do ok. But make sure you have a herbalist making health potions because the next encounter will happen sooner on hard mode and wounded footman do not seem to last long.

the class will probably come from the footman or trapper as a beast tamer?

id love it to be called druid, and come after the trapper id think that would be awesome!

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yeh good idea or make them pick between the shepherd or druid

that would be sick i was talking with a friend about how it would be cool to have pet animals that could be used in different situations, like a horse, two type a charger (used in battle) and one that is good at long distance faster running. and pet dogs that can help defend