I survived wolf attack while AFK?

Just thought I’d share this but basically I AFKed for probably about an hour or two yesterday while I was building a large castle and somehow I survived the wolf attack with only 2 guards (one of which is now dead, RIP) only about an hour after attacking the goblin boss guy that spawns and losing one or two of my other guards. I’ve never made it to the wolves before without either giving up or having to restart due to an update so is it usually this easy? Or did I just get lucky somehow?

P.S. Also, do the goblin wolves by any chance happen to drop a LOT of gold and loot? There are gold ingots EVERYWHERE and loads of other loot too scattered about and by the quantity and looking at my own supplies, it’s not any of mine.

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Sounds like you may have gotten lucky? I guess you wouldn’t know if it was just 1 random wolf or the three you are supposed to save before they get trained?

Sounds like your footmen leveled up with the waves of wolves. Were they equipped with anything other than wooden sword?
If they had a metal shield and armour of any sort, they should be quite well defended.

Wolves weren’t a problem for me on the world I saw them on (never had them be mad before). I always attack the camps and they get set free. Apparently they are super hard though, and you sound pretty lucky!

Don’t know really, my footmen were already carrying max armour when they spawned. They’re too easy at that point. But yes, gold, sweeeeeet gooooooold!

Hi just thought id congratulate you on surviving a wolf attack afk and im unsure about drop rates but as far as easyness it depends on how fast you prepped for the goblin boss fight and how many ppl you sent into the chieftans camp i have one world where i went 6 hrs gameplay and got to the chieftan and killed him an hour later

I just converted like 8 people into guards and 2 had armour and the bone clubs that you buy from the traveller guy and I killed them about an hour/hour and a half before the wolves attacked.

(Note: I converted them all back once I’d killed the camp so I only had my 2 guys with bone clubs when I was AFK)

The second most powerful weapon in the game.

goblin chests drop a lot of valuable metals and weapons and armor, there is a chance your people picked the gold up automatically