The issue with wolves

Honestly I think that, at the moment, wolves are kinda dumb. They don’t attack people, they just attack your stockpiles. If anything that makes them overall useless to the goblins, since they are more of a nuisance than anything. So here is a suggestion: Make the wolves do less damage (since they can be devastating if left alone with a footman, but that’s an unlikely condition.) and make them attack people! I do have something positive to say about wolves, though. With the existence of goblin wolf trainers, that means we can have a beastmaster when playing as goblins right!? (Also, make the goblin wolf trainers look more unique)
Tell me what you think and I’ll see ya later!

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Since they implemented dev2513 all of the baddies go after my stored items instead of hearthlings, I haven’t lost a single civilian and only one footman (and no idea how the footman actually died lol). Not sure if its a bug or planned though

I consider it an anomaly

Could be a change in how they prioritize targets with the increase in skeleton spawns

I think it is somekind of a bug. Wolfs like ingore my footmen, even if my hearthlings attack them.

And that’s what makes the wolves so dumb.

a temporary setback in the creature AI… i’m sure their current behavior is unintentional, and will be addressed at some point… :+1:


I certainly do hope so!