Anyone else getting tired of the current enemies?

Don’t get me wrong - the Goblins are adorable, and I love their dorky bullying, but overall the enemy variety has become… predictable. Painfully so.

Every “Wildlife” enemy is either a Varanus or a pair of Wolves. Every dialogue enemy is part of the Goblin questline. The first threat to your town is always elementals making a straight line for your fort. These enemies have no effect beyond attacking your Footmen until something dies.

I know there’s a lot going on behind the curtain, but would it be too much to trickle a few new enemies out? If there are new behaviors and new balance issues to test, let us test them!


yea they r kinda boring but i just play mods so yea

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Which mods? I haven’t found any that address the enemy/quest diversity problem.

i dont mean creature mods, i mean stuff like more bioms and building supplies xD

I think it’s pretty fun to get to the part where we build an item to signal for war and stuff. What would you like to see added then ?

Mostly variety… For example;

-Wild enemies that just wander through the map, only attacking if they get too close to your Hearthlings. It feels more organic than rolling the dice on what new enemy will run directly at your town. You can attack them on purpose, or you can accidentally bump into them with a Trapper/Herbalist/any hearthling who’s out running around to grab something.

-Variant on above; enemies that wander around and compete for your resources. Wolves chasing rabbits, for example, or large prey animals grazing on berries or flowers.

-Animals with dens. More of a “Come get me!” option like the Zombies with their treasure chests or the Necromancer temples currently. Risk/reward of attacking them for bounty vs. being injured at the wrong time when “wave” enemies attack.

-More mischievous enemies that act like Goblins - Vultures or Wolves that steal your meat, for example, making Trappers a little more challenging to use.

-Enemies fleeing under certain conditions - severe injury, or refusing to come too close to fire if it’s nighttime, or flying away if they’re outnumbered.

-Wandering enemies that you might want to chase down - for example, deer or other “prey” animals that run away from you when chased, and aren’t reasonably attainable until you have archers or traps.

-Enemies that affect your hearthlings - applying unique debuffs, such as diseases, curses, or fear effects.

-Enemies that only appear when you’ve done something specific or have a specific resource - like variants of Stone Golems that correspond to a type of ore that you’ve been strip-mining beyond any reasonable need. Or, as above, enemies that compete for your resources organically being drawn to your town because you’ve consolidated them, like with the berry bushes.

Basically, I’d just like there to be more random enemy behaviors that can lead to interesting events. The best we get now is when Goblins or Golems or Zombies cross paths and fight.


I like the idea of this and was also thinking of new enemy behaviors.
I think a nature spirit theme would be nice and are already half done so when you harvest to much wood, treants will apear from the logs or when you harvest to much stone some of the resources will transform in golems, you could add ore golems and maybe whisps for berrybushes.
Also an idea is to carry the necromancer further by placing randomly candles or runes in the sorounding and you have to destry all of them else a ghost will hount your town in night time and debuff your hearthling.
Thats my two thoughts to this maybe I’ll come up with some more later;)