Monsters and Enemy's

Did anyone notice the enemy development is only 20%?

I know there are going to be bosses and more enemy’s but 2 things fear me or bother me.

  1. If i or you had to defeat a 20 army Goblin Attacking you when you just got 5 or 7 Footman because you couldn’t get enough recourse to get more people. What will be do or you?

  2. If there are going to be bosses with abilities, such as explosion or fire, or maybe a very strong troll, but the thing that i would want to be added or people want. Is dragons!

  • Kinda then, you need to say good bye to your village if you are going to be attacked by one of these.

Yeah there’s still a lot to do for the enemies, but at the same time there’s also a lot left to do for the hearthlings.

I mean, there’s still no ranged combat yet, and magic isn’t in the game yet. Also expect to see more armors and weapons at least when the (*spoilers*) armorsmith and weaponsmith are introduced into the game.

There’s also a balancing issue with all this, there should be no challenge too great that your town couldn’t handle; if you don’t have enough resources to have more than 5 footmen, then a large army of goblins shouldn’t come and storm you. Same goes for titans and dragons and enemies with special abilities; all of these will be balanced (most likely) so your town can handle the threat.

So yeah, I’m not really worried. :blush:


Failing all else, I believe @sdee has mentioned the possibility of difficulty settings in the future a few times?

Should it take too long for those to be put in the vanilla game, mods can always modify that sort of stuff.


Please, do take the time to read this:

Some of us WANT challenge, in fact alot of us. So they have a whole system set up specifically for the game to be smart enough to tell the difference between those who enjoy challenge, and those who are weenies.

Essentially, if you want a horde attacking you, , you have to TRY to get them to attack you, by angering lots of different people. Oh yeah, and conquest.

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