Hard Mode/ Normal


Does that mean that you will fight against stronger and other monsters as in normal?

Or does normal mode also have all the new monsters?


The monsters has just been buffet. I think


I did not see a difference in spawning compared to before the update. But they do come with special combat training => they are a lot harder to beat.
normal I would just have on sole hero fending of the mobs now it took 2 footmen and a cleric to kill the fancy hat boss (with a lot of micro management. Also xp seems to come much slower.

Idk if the new monster are hard mode only, I have not played normal yet. But I have seen a giant wolf XD


i’m not sure if normal mode has the new monsters or not,

paging @linda, are the new monsters in hard mode only, or does normal mode also have them?


normal mode and hard mode should have the same monsters :slight_smile:


I was just wondering this myself. The description doesn’t really make it obvious, especially in combination with the pictures. I’d welcome some changes that clear things up more.


All monsters have a buff stating that their attacks are stronger, and enemy spawn times are apparently faster (seemed the same to me)

Playing hard mode, so far I’ve seen goblins, entlings, stonelings/golem, varanus and zombie/skeletons. Haven’t seen the new orcs or kobolds if they are in yet.


I have encountered both the big orcs and kobolds (those bows can hurt!)

However, I haven’t seen any door-focusing monsters yet :frowning:


Varanus attack doors.


A little suggestion : Can you make a switch during a game to normal <-> hard mode ? :wink: