Let us scare enemies away, or capture them

Somethimes, there are these goblin thieves sneak into your town. The only way to get rid of them, is by killing them, or letting them steal enough stuff. But we cannot have thieves get away with that, but killing them, isn’t that a little too much. So first suggestion of two: let us give military troops one extra command (next to defend location, attack, and the like) ; scare away. Upon giving this order, you military will try to make your enemies flee. (# endunnessecaryviolence :stuck_out_tongue:).
You don’t need to kill all wolves that pray on your livestock, you only need to keep them away from your livestock.

The second suggestion is another of these orders, and that is capture enemy. What it does is self-explanatory. Seeing as the devs plan on adding pirates, and politicians, aka bargaining, and diplomacy, this would be a good thing to be able to have. (Also allow ownership for specific captures and captures in general, so you can make cells) this can also prevent needless killing somethimes.

What do you think?


If they wanted to REALLY flesh this idea out they could go as far as the player having the ability to put the captured enemies or creatures (perhaps via the trapper instead of your troops) in cages made by the blacksmith (metal cages) or carpenter (wooden cages). To then put these captured creatures or people up on display like a zoo for your hearthlings for the roleplay aspect and as a way to boost the town’s morale as they now have this cool version of entertainment called “A Petting Zoo with Goblins!”,

Also you might be able to just go full Roman and give the player the ability to force the captured to fight it out in an enclosed, controlled environment for the furtherment of the entertainment, morale, and roleplay aspect of capturing your enemies or random creatures in the wild. Perhaps you could even have some of your troops fight the captured creature or person as a way to level them up without having to go out and actually fight something, or just to level those new footmen late game without having to make a level one footman with 4 body and 3 spirit throw punches at a goblin raiding party fully decked out with the latest gear and all level 6, as instead you could have him practice on the bunnies, then the deer, and finally the imported lions brought in by the traders and trappers of your town in the arena of all places for the entertainment of the crowd. Because you know it’s fun to watch grown men fight bunnies in controlled environments for the “xp”.

And on the topic of imported lions, which I just touched on, you could possibly have the ability as the player to go through with trade deals that provide you already caged up, captured exotic creatures. Or something like that at least.

Basically just having the ability to capture enemies, and creatures could really add a whole new aspect to the game as you could then be able to use them for the entertainment of your hearthling’s or for the leveling of your troops, etc.

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“Keep it cute” - Tom now and forever

But I do have to admit I think some of that would be pretty fun. There are console commands to switch an entity between hostile, friendly, and neutral, so I imagine some modder could dabble with this if they really wanted and the team’s set against it.

… Okay, so Dwarf Fortress insanity where you can stuff children into cages full of dogs so they grow up psychotic and expert fighters is out of the question. But it WOULD be really cool if similar elements made it into Stonehearth, such as capturing wolves with traps or beastmasters, then having to feed them while caged or put them into a pen, then being able to unleash them as traps… It could be possible to keep it cute yet still make it into the game!

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