Taming and Animal Utility

I wonder if they will add more animals, and if so, could some of them be tamable? Say you need a certain level trapper to do so. The trapper would also need a “taming” item to attempt to tame the animal. If successful, the animal could be used for utility or combat. Ex: taming a wild wolf allows footman to ride it into battle, giving extra damage and health. Ex #2: Taming a varanus allows for it to be used as a pack mule of sorts to carry more items than the average hearthling.


Animal Tamer is a future class they plan to come back to. Sorry to say, but that’s about all the details I have on that class besides its footprint is in the game’s files with a handful of others.

As far as more animals, check out @malley’s stream from a couple weeks ago:

He shows everything he’s been working on, and what animals may or may not be added to the game later.


Sounds pretty neat. I’ll have to look into it.