Concerning Trapper Pets

Hello again.
Just wanted to get it out there that I feel as though the trapper’s pet system is more of a loss than a perk. I understand that the pets are mostly there just to be cute, but it’s sort of a bother since they require the food upkeep too, which in itself isn’t that big of a problem for most people, still makes having them sort of a one-sided relationship. The trait and mood system finally gives them an opportunity to do more than hop around and eat your food all day. I’ve noticed that pet interactions have finally been added, but I have not noticed it occur in-game [to be fair it’s not like you can keep track of where all your pets are so I may have just missed it] nor seen any actual boost to hearthling moods or even the trappers themselves. If it is added, I feel like it isn’t prominent enough.

Basically the idea is to make pets give a morale boost either for just having them around or by interacting with them so they aren’t just there to munch your carrots all day.

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I would just prefer it if the number of pets was limited. Perhaps one per trapper, or maybe one per level after getting to make them? I had one game where they were EVERYWHERE it seemed. :jubilant:

It is a two pet limit per trapper right now.
If you later change his profession, and another trapper joins, you would now have 4 pets, 2 from previous trapper and 2 from the new one.

I’d think it’s possible, the Hearthlings actually do interact with Pets while idleing, i can’t think why the morale boost for interactions with pets can’t be added like Hearthling talk

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