Suggestion: Things I would like in the game

I have a few suggestions, here they are, and if you like it, get others to read it.

1. More Pets
I think the game could benefit with more pets, maybe add pet breeding, and a pet breeder class etc. It could be a bit, like, the trapper tames a wolf, and through breeding, it becomes a household dog.

2. Pet Uses
A bit like expanding on the previous, but anyway, maybe pets could have skills, health, and other things. Pets are assigned to hearthlings randomly, but that can be changed by the player. They would help in combat, eg. Tigers, help with hauling, eg. Mules, Or they could help with gathering certain resources, eg. Beaver. They could level up like classes to gain new perks, like for a mule, “Lvl 2: +5 capacity”

3. More Light
One thing that isn’t the best, is the lighting. Not saying the shaders are bad or anything, but lights and fires etc. have such a small area that they light up, and are purely aesthetic and don’t help the player see at night, which could end up being quite miserable.

4. Fix Horrible Bugs
I have one of the worst bugs, I cannot experience combat in the game, because of error 210, or whatever it is, where, after you kill a goblin, the next time it changes to night, it literally spams you with errors, and lags the AI of the game, not the graphics, so invincible goblin vs. invincible soldier

5. Ability to Prioritize Jobs
I have had a mining order waiting for hours while my hearthlings are purely hauling stuff from halfway across the map, doing the same thing for multiple days. This is not fun, seeing as I was planning on doing this Dwarf Fortress Style

6. Friendlier Underground Colonization
I want to do this underground, so why is it so hard to place doors and some other things? I have found a way to place double doors in mined out areas, but took a bit of experimentation

7. Hearthling Hierarchy
I want hearthlings to take certain things in an order, so the ones at the top of that hierarchy get that stuff first, and when they have it, then others get the spares. Also, You get to customise one hearthling at the beginning of the game that you can control directly, which is you, basically, you can level up to get skills, and you can have a party of hearthlings that follow you around and help you in whatever you are doing.

8. Bed+House Assignment
I would like to assign certain buildings, if not the beds in them, to specific Hearthlings so that I don’t have my favourite hearthling sleeping on the ground when my regular worker sleeps in the only comfy bed

I have provided a few links that should show where the discussion have already been taken.

Surprisingly that is already planned :stuck_out_tongue:

Right now the focus is on getting building above ground to work, underground building is nelow thta on the priority list


Thx, but still, other things would still be cool

Some really good suggestions @GormonTTS :slight_smile: I especially would love more pets. I am sure several of these ideas will be implemented at some point, but being in alpha, we as the community need to be patient. Radiant Entertainment is working hard to get the game to the level that they want, and I’m convinced that they are also taking positive feedback and suggestions such as this to the planning board :slight_smile:

Hopefully, they will be implemented in the future, bonus idea, if pets are added with fighting capabilities, someone would make a pokemon mod (I just know it) and I’m a sucker for pokemon.

Well, anyways, share this board and get it out there for the devs to see!

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I like a lot of this - specifically number 8. I set up the Carpenter’s house with his work bench but I’ll randomly have someone else sleeping in his bed and eating at his table. I’d love to see the game allowing Hearthlings to own their own house.

Lots of good suggestions here I think!