Pets Give Mood Boosts

If this isnt already planed, Pets should give a mood boost,

In real life pets are a good companion, and generally improves peoples mood, and would be useful early game to keep everyone hearthlings happy with the mood boost, this would also encourage players to keep pets and not just get rid of them.

Other Options:
If you didnt want to make it a “within 10 blocks” buff, you could have it so that the hearthings “play” with the pets and get the boost. It could also be that only the trapper gets the boost as its his pet.

(Sorry for any spelling issues, English isn’t a strong point :stuck_out_tongue:)


I like this idea a lot!

Pets are also used as therapy, so maybe we could assign a pet to a pillow (like a Hearthling to a bed) and increase the mood in that house.

Also, maybe the pets could help with recovery?

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How about giving some hearthlings a need for owning pets to achieve the highest level of happines? It’s like with real people. Most can achieve a certain amount of happiness, but there are those that can only be truly happy if they have a dog or cat or something to play with (I am one of those ppl, so not owning a pet makes it extra difficult for me sometimes).

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I touched on this subject in a suggestion I made Here.
I will edit it with your bed idea because that is awesome @Biere_deRoute

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Ay, all good! I reaaaally want tamed wolves as well!

Glad to hear you like my suggestion!
@ThoroughbredFun Your idea is taking it a step further, and i hope that the devs see it!

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