Dying pets (League of Responsible Hearthlings bulletin)

Evil orcs attacked my town and killed a pet.
No. Not “a pet”. THE pet. Kobolds two-shotted my fox.

Okay, emotions aside, if our hearthlings now don’t die straight away, why should pets?
What I suggest:

  • When a pet runs out of HP, it drops unconscious, just like hearthling.
  • You can order to “evacuate” unconscious pets to safety. Just like hearthlings.
  • Your herbalist can heal your pets. Just like… you know.

Now you may say that putting a fox in a bed is not very good. And I agree with that. But murdering a fox is even worse. Perhaps we can use some other items as “beds” for pets - rugs, for example.
We can name our pets, we should feed them. And since we can’t evacuate them with “Town Alert”, let us at least heal them when they are injured.

PS. And while I’m here, dead pets deserve a tombstone in the more grim turn of events.


I really like the idea for a pet bed to get the player a tad bit more involved with their pets.


I feel conflicted about it.
On one hand current mechanics requires injured to be in bed for the herbalist to treat them. Also foxes sleeping on rugs are cute.
On the other hand I like pets sleeping in random (sometimes very interesting) places. Like on benches, windows or near the fire. It is also cute.


haha this is a great suggestion! Those damn pet hating kobolds! Maybe the trapper has some kind of scheme running with them you arent aware of @MelOzone? :smiley:

Yeah, this sounds like a solid idea, in some shape or form. I’ll add it to our backlog.