Changing the ascendancy banners

Changing the ascendancy banners from blue to green.
Rayyas:red banners
ascendancy:blue??? why not green :stuck_out_tongue:
Northmen’s Alliance:Blue banners

From a realisitic perspective the blue banners make more sense. In the forests everything is green. So making a banner that does not stick out of the terrain is super inconvenient for everyone trying to find Ascendency settlements

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I feel that the current banners we have in the game are more for town pride then for Signalling people.

Could change them via a mod on your end… ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I don’t know what color/symbols the Northern Alliance will have.

i think all the factions should have all of their things matched to their color… ascendancy green raya red northern alliance blue… including their soldiers… it makes no sense that raya have blue footmen just like ascendancy when they should have their own color on their footmen.

I believe that’s something they’re slowly working on. Adding personality to each kingdom.

They are adding personality to the Rayya’s children lately, with new building templates and new signs.

It’s a work in progress.

i know all the kingdoms are kinda set in stone… but i woulda loved an asian themed kingdom with special oriental building designs… and has to have cherry blossoms… that would be cool and they could farm rice and stuff… i dunno i just like alot of the asian style architecture but i guess sloped roofs ect wouldnt really be possible in this game i guess.

psst, take alook at @Avairian’s WIP nihonjin mod,

You can build sloped roofs you just have to hand craft them at the moment, Way back when they were first making the game they did show off alot of roof types that are not in the game. there probably holding off adding advanced roof types till the build systems more relyable