The statue of Cid?

For a long time I have been playing the Ascendancy and every time I built a Temple to Cid I had to use a tapestry or something else to represent him. We are now reaching release date and we still don’t have anything we can use for that purpose.

These last days the Northern Alliance has been released and the traders have started to bring items from them, statues, decorations and so on. Some of them represent their spirits, like knut. I have also seen some fancy decorations of monkey for RC, but we still don’t get anything, lore related, for the ascendency.

I know there is very little time left but, Can we, Ascendancy players, please get at least a Statue of Cid we could place at the head of the Temples? And small versions of it we could place in the Hearthlings houses?

I don’t now who or what Rayya is for his children, or how do they interact with it. But they, RC, may be having the same problem in this regard.

Have Fun, Kyth.


Grandmother Rayya is somewhere between a prophet, a teacher, and a messianic figure for the RC. She’s represented by the Fancy Tea Set, which is a reference to her jade tea set that’s mentioned in the lore somewhere.

But yeah, Cid is absolutely absent from the Ascendancy’s designs; the closest thing we have is the Church of Plenty’s wishing fountains (symbolising the prosperity which Cid brought to the Hearthlings), or the knight statues which depict generic knights rather than Cid.

We know that at one point Cid “fashioned his breastplate into a basket, and brought the wealth of the rich to the bedsides of the poor”; so one statue/tribute idea might be a bronze cornucopia or simple basket overflowing with food? It would be a great decoration for the blacksmith. Another (perhaps more obvious) option would be a knight, helmet-less, with sword raised high and a shield held in front – both leading and defending the Ascendancy.

EDIT: so, I forgot about the Valor of Cid fountain as the military path’s monument… honestly, it’s more tied to the military than to Cid specifically so it’s not hard to imagine why the two might not immediately be connected (particularly for someone who has always known it as ‘the military monument’ and hasn’t read the new flavour text because random buffs from the Church of Plenty monument were too tasty to pass up… :sweat_smile:)


Since the main crafter of the Ascendancy is the carpenter I always thought it would be a wooden statue or carved Icon of Cid and, may be, of his first followers, messengers or apostles…

Have fun, Kyth.


iirc, the CID is part of every race history… so what is the CID? is he even human?
i have no clue and can’t remember any story telling what race he was
even the rabbits know him
so is he god or ancient hero of the previous monkey cicle?
i want to know!!! :sob:
(i usually skip parts of the lore so maybe i missed it :thinking:)

thanks @YetiChow and @Logo

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The Rabbits explain that [spoiler]after the Cataclysm, when the Humans fled to the edges of Hearth, Cid was the great hero who rallied and reunited the Human population to fight back and reclaim the lands. At some point during or after the battle to seal the Titan, he also forged an alliance/peace treaty with the Orcs and other children of Snake where they wouldn’t have open war but would instead fight together against the greater evil.

So Cid is an historical figure, someone who started out as a heroic warrior and then rose to become a leader in peacetime as well. Given that he took a long-term view beyond simply dealing with the immediate threats (e.g. making sure that all Hearthlings were given a chance to get back on their feet, since rebuilding would need everyone’s strengths not just the bravest warriors or the smartest crafters), we can probably assume he came from a relatively “normal” background and a tight-knit community rather than being some kind of king or noble – he’s the archetypical folk hero, called from humble origins (quite possibly a farmer or herbalist?) to lead through wisdom, bravery and strength in equal measure.[/spoiler]

That’s why my headcanon is that Cid was a 6/5/6 Human hearthling with the Green Thumb and Courageous traits living just before the Cataclysm, who trained as a Farmer or Herbalist in a tiny village on the edge of the Pheonix Empire. When the Cataclysm struck, Cid took up a sword and shield like every other able-bodied hearthling rather than becoming a Cleric, since he believed it was his duty to shield the frailer hearthlings from danger rather than remain safely behind the lines while others fought.


Cid is an Avatar of Monkey which is mentioned several times in the recent backstory @sdee posted. If you wanna check up on the lore without having to worry about managing stuff in game try this:

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