RC tier 2 statues

I’ve been playing the updates for RC and trying to get to tier 2. I’ve got a decent force and 25 hearthlings with town worth over 12k. I’m wondering about balance of the statues. They all seem equally difficult. However, monkey and tapestry I feel rely on luck too much. I’ve had lots of traders and a bunch of crypts, but keep drawing blank on my second tomb and no sign of sunflowers. On the other hand the traders is all player action based. However the fine crate means you need a lvl 3 carpenter which also requires a lvl 5(?) blacksmith for RC so it’s quite a tedious progression, especially as wood is a premium for RC.

Any thoughts or suggestions on how to reach tier 2 quicker?

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This is just my opinion, but they seem similarly challenging with the Ascendency tier 2 statues.

The ascendency requires high-level crafters - For the fountain of plenty, you need a level 3 cook after getting a level 2 farmer, and a level 6 blacksmith after getting a level 3 mason. They also need luck in combat - getting the goblin tokens and veranus skins.

True they are comparable, and I know that RC is supposed to be more difficult. But I’ve got 20+ varnus skins & a few tokens. But the book and flowers seem to take longer. Maybe I’ve just been particularly unlucky. Regarding the ascendancy path, I feel that blacksmith is equally difficult in both paths but carpenter is quite difficult in RC (lack of wood for levelling). Unless you get lvl 6 farmers for acacia. Could be that I’ve just been way too unlucky with the dusty tome. Just seems a little frustrating to have every crafter before tier two and to have to rely on luck with spawns so much

I haven’t played RC as much as I have Ascendency, so I might be biased here. @linda recently tweaked one of the statue recipes, so this should be good feedback for her.


Bit of a bump here, but it seemed like the right thread for my feedback -

As of now as the ascendancy it seems like the combat statue is waaaay easier than the others to complete. I was planning on going for my craftsman statue for the first time in my most recent game, but eventually I just went for the combat statue. The real deal breaker seems to be the potter vase for the craft statue, it requires a lot of grinding to get a potter to that level, and in turn lots of digging for the clay to do it.

As it stands now I’d say either the combat statue needs to be increased in difficulty, or the other two reduced. (I’ve never tried for the church statue, but the gold bar would be the sticking point there no doubt. again more class grinding that requires a lot of digging)

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