Statue of a warrior (4.5 KB)

I give you my template.


That’s really cool! How long does it take the hearthlings to make?

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this is so cool! as @wanderson921 said, would love to know how long it takes them to build, also, how long did it take you to design it? :smile:

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You know, if the eyes are 2x3 blocks, we could use a window there as eye :smile: Maybe a hollow head, with little hearthlings inside (like a power rangers megazord or something) :wink:

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3-4 hours has been spent on the construction.

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hah you toke my advise on steam :smiley: nice work mate !

Yes, I followed your advice and decided to share my work! Thank you! :slight_smile:


no man thank you for sharing :smiley:

Hey dude love your template!! Can you add this or give me permission to add this to this template website ?

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Okey bro, no problem.

This is absolutely gorgeous. The use of subtly different shades on areas like the face and greaves help to keep it looking life-like, rather than it looking like a flat, “dead” statue.

I’m guessing the whole design is built from slabs? That should guarantee that the hearthlings can build it one layer at a time with no drama, unless they manage to get a ladder or a piece of scaffolding stuck somewhere.

Also, how difficult do you reckon it would be to recolour some sections, like the plume, to match the knight’s outfit? I have a horrible suspicion that selecting the statue will select the whole thing, meaning that any colour change is applied to the whole design… I guess that depends on how (if at all) the template is divided into parts. Worst case scenario, someone who wanted a “painted” version could simply erase one block at a time and replace it with the desired colour…

I’m sure we’ll be seeing this work of art in future builds, flanking grand entrances and watching over plazas (perhaps with a fountain commemorating the Valor of Cid in the centre?), reminding our hearthlings that their brave defenders stand as stone to hold back any invaders. Again, wonderful work, and thanks so much for sharing!

I wanted to make a statue in one color, but I did not like. So I decided to make a detailed each shade. I have more sketches of the park, and another statue, but they are not finished yet.


Not sure i hate you or love you >.< now i have to build that grand entrance!

@Medved hah i was thinking about doing a huge sword yesterday ! now im kinda glad i did not start it!
Great work again and thanks for sharing :smiley: Looking foreward for the next statue :smiley: since i have to build a grand entrance now :stuck_out_tongue:

For the record i love them in rock :stuck_out_tongue: