My Roman Hearthling statue

So this is based on a very quick model I made just after I finished copying the Hearthling Model voxel by voxel. Took about 20 minutes out of game, and just shy of 3 hours in game to just design. Then it took another 18 hours to actually build. It’s a single slab template structure and I learned quite a bit about how the AI works and its flaws in terms of building from this statue.

Saved Template (Created in Alpha 9, might not work in future versions)



Night time

One rule of the AI is to always attempt to finish fully connected same colored slabs before moving on to another color. This caused a ton of frustration when my Hearthlings got to the top of the statue. The head is one color and its completely surrounded by a another to create the helmet. This basically means that 2 Hearthlings working side by side if they pick different colors to work on tended to have one Hearthling build the other Hearthling into the statue with no regard for their poor little lives.This is due to the outside darker color having less voxels then the inside. To finish this I had to create parties of my builders and micromanage them when they got close to the top.

I got frustrated enough with the Hearthlings I even opened up the AI routines to find the build code to see if I could create a fix, after all my background is in AI. But I was unable to find any building tasks. All I could find is the fact there is a build dependency graph saved into the statues template itself. but maybe I was looking in the wrong area and someone can point me where to look.


Wow nice, I attempted to do a statue recently and my game got insanely unstable. I take it you built it as a single structure since you have a template? Did you have problems with two slabs of the same size building on top of each other. I was unable to get the little Hearthlings to build if there was two slabs of the same size on top of each other.

Ya you have to just keep building ladders up the statue. I saved screenshots of that as well but figured nobody would want to see that. Basically the AI will only build if one, it can reach the location and two after building it, they also have a clear path to get back off the structure. Least that’s what I generally noticed.

I should probably also add that when building the AI delegate build orders one block at a time so eventually all work will halt until you build a ladder generally directly to the certain block the AI is currently wanting to build. (This is why it took 18ish hours to build plus the bugs of the AI building in on themselves)


… absolutely gorgeous! well done @Sean61616!! :+1: :clap:

Absolutely amazing @Sean61616 !

I for one would want to see them


This is an amazing Hearthling Roman statue.

Have you thought about making it “shareable”?
A MOD for this statue for everyone to include it on our cities would be great.

he did supply us with the template

[quote=“RunPlz, post:6, topic:11449”]
A MOD for this statue for everyone to include it on our cities would be great.
[/quote]it wouldnt need to be a mod, as this is a massive structure that is saved as a template.

Too bad that template doesn’t work anymore, I have to rebuild this eventually. I believe when they added the multiple story building mode they stated it was just the first pass. Since making this took forever I wish to wait till I know templates file structure won’t change anymore. If I get bored and have some time I might consider doing it sooner however.

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