Town Customization

I was thinking about this earlier today. Honestly I think there can be a little more customization to our towns and hearthlings. It would be really cool before we set our town spawn we could set our town’s colors or create a coat of arms. The tailor could create banners that have our town’s colors and such. It could also open the possibility of our soldiers having little emblems or colors.

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like this?

made just for you. coat of arms.qb (17.3 KB)

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Yea actually that would be pretty cool to do. Just have like little banners and flags flying around.

Is there a way you could create a tutorial on how to make these? This will look really cool for my town

Perfect, i could use that too :smile:

Here it is in game.

Here is the mod (27.9 KB)

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Hm… I’m even better than the americans… I don’t go to a foreign planet to plant my banner, but the inhabitants of the planet do it themselves :smiley: