The rayan(magic) faction ideas

rayans should be able to go up cliffs by levitating instead of
needing ladders(because they are the magic faction) and instead there
could be a mana resource they would use instead and possibly gather over
time somehow which could be very interesting. I love magic so i think a
faction based on magic should definitely have more magic features (i
mean if you have magic why do you need ladders ect… or tools for that
matter) Maybe they could have magic tools instead like staves/rods/magic
armbands or something that generate a magical version of the tool when
they need it… just to make the faction actually seem magic based…
yeah it would require more animation/designing but for a faction that is
supposed to be based around magic they cant play the same way the
ascendants do… that wouldn’t make sense.

I believe they shouldn’t have footmen or archers (as they are focused on magic) instead they
could have summons or elementals or some physical transformation as a
melee option… and for ranged instead of an archer give them a wizard or
something (which would be awsome btw)

and maybe the downside to not having footmen or archers is that while
they summon their troops their soldiers individually are much weaker
than other factions (who need to use hearthlings) and the raya faction
would have to be played with more thought and teamwork between the
soldiers or something as generally magic is more about the mind than
physical body so Rayan armies would be more focused on strategy rather
than strength… and instead of using iron and metals for armor and
weapons… use those for certain spells or even as ingredients to summon
their armies (to make it fair)

I hope the game doesn’t become a mythical magical game. :frowning:

Well, I think they mentioned they wanted magic to be kind of limited, you know one of those “magic is rare” type settings. So I think it will be a bit of a compromise there.


like @Phagocytosis said, magic is going to be a “rare” or more hard to get thing, Rayas children are most likely not going to be levitating and all that. it doesnt really “fit” well with the stonehearth style, and i dont think TR wants this kinda stuff either… :confused: