There should be a magic kingdom

I know they said they were against having magic be common.But how awsome would a magic kingdom be? i mean instead of gathering resources like normal they could gather mana and produce resources with mana instead… like grow/chop trees with magic summon metal ect… require mana as a resouce to produce other resources… having their own magical architecture and classes mages instead of archers. Instead of needing to build scaffolding they could magically telekenetically place the blocks together for homes ect.

I just love magic and would love having a magic based empire with magic everywhere… heck maybe even add elves and have them use magic to grow giant treehouses or something… i dunno i just love magic and would love a magic-based kingdom… i know there is one class planned for magic (the geomancer) but i would love mages/wizards ect.

Ooohh i just had a thought… what if you could craft spells? like use ingrediants found in the world to craft spells and then use those spells for cool effects like summoning undead to aid you ect… (sorta like alchemy + magic in one to make it fair)

You could even have their default biome be inside one of those other dimensions you had planned… where things would be different and more magic everywhere.


Maybe it will become a mod :o

Kinda reminds me of my hopes someone will create a Protoss kingdom down the line :wink:

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You could balance it out by making some sort of way to generate mana (instead of it just appearing out of no where), so that they aren’t totally OP.

yeah i was thinking their default biome would be inside another dimension… (as they do plan to add other dimensions for more powerful enemies to fight… the mage kingdom could have their default biome start in another dimension where there could be magic crystals instead of trees or something (just an idea i just want a magic based kingdom… i dont really care how it is done)

You must construct additional pylons!



What if instead of being 100% magic crystal, different dimension stuff being “it”, what if they’d be based on the Aztecs or Mayans where they have to sacrifice critters or other stuff to produce mana which they can then use to summon resources - they start in a jungle where there’s lots of would and critters but not much else. I’m sorry but I don’t personally agree with the wizard and magic crystal stuff just because most the kingdoms are based on real-world peoples and the Meso-American people lets you loosely get into magic. :slight_smile:

Interesting idea… in fact jungle would be a great biome… we dont really have a biome with lots of animals and your idea of mayans/aztecs could work… however… sacrifices might be a bit much for this game… perhaps instead they could go with religion as a source of 'magic" where you could build churches to power your faith/magic… that could be more reasonable while still offering some “magic” in a way that isnt completely evil/violent.

Perhaps they could base an empire on the romans… they were highly religious and were thought to be godlike before they fell because of their amazing architecture… they could use marble in their building and have fancier things like statues ect as part of their kingdom.

Yeah, the roman architecture could look amazing, but with the Aztec/Mayan sacrifice thing, I was thinking a priest or someone brings say, a rabbit to an altar, some white particles pop up and the rabbit disappears or is “sacrificed”. The way you talked about churches and stuff, there should be some sort of furniture maybe that designates a building to be “holy” such as a church or temple.