A Brand New World

Mage - So we all know that mages are going to be in the game. We’ll have things like the Geomancer and sorcerers and who knows what else. But this post I wanted to start off by talking about what the mages can do. For one we’ve gotta have some kind of enchantress to better and mystify our weapons and armours. However what about a different kind of enchanting. I propose we have enchanted objects that hearthlings can interact with

Enchanted Objects - These ‘objects’ can range from statue to maybe even turrets. The statues for one could give hearthlings within a certain radius buffs. And the turret is pretty self explanatory. Now one more idea, what if you could make portals!

Portals - Portals and other enchantable objects would pretty much be like a normal statue or arch that is crafted with a mystic item. Then all the mages have to do is activate it. And the portals would take you to a … Whole new world (hence the title).

Different Dimensions - Pretty much how it would work is you simply use the same engine that you did for creating the starter worlds but the grass and trees and animals would be replaced by new specific things to the dimension. And goblins would be replaced by gnomes :slight_smile: which I described in another post. In the world there could be more than new life but new ores, weapons and items that you can only get there.

Alright I have some college essays to get working on so I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.


at first i read that as temptress :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

[quote=“JKW22, post:1, topic:11419”]
Different Dimensions
[/quote]they plan on adding different planes

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Ok thanks. I did not know that

go here, Stonehearth Development Roadmap – Stonehearth , it shows all the planned things :smile: