New race, pixie/magical being + magical forest as new land

Just an idea for a new race and land. Mabey a bunch of magical fairies or pixels that could use as magic. You could have tree houses instead of on the ground or have giant mushrooms. Mabey even have new classes like a Mage instead of a soldier. Or have workers use magic instead of tools. I really also like the idea of instead of instead of building they could sing to the trees to make them grow into the house shape. I know you dev team have a lot on your plate right now but in my opinion this would be a great addition to the game. :smile:


i love magic… so automatic like from me ;D

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Hey there @Samus, welcome to the Discourse! Not sure about an entire new race, but some of the planned professions do seem to have a bit of a magical flair to them: the Geomancer and the Magma Smith.

Thanks I love being here. But if not a new race Mabey a new place to settle like a magical forest.

a magical forest was suggested a while back in the biome update, with people talking about potential future biomes. basically, instead of trees, you would have a lot of “land” that is in the shape of gigantic trees, and mining it gives you wood instead of dirt or stone.

magic, as jomaxro stated, is already a planned feature, and will not be limited to specific races. well, maybe goblins won’t have mages, but you get the point.

also, what you’re suggesting sounds more like elves to me, which could work as a potential race. but “singing trees into a house shape” is pretty much impossible to program unless you only “sing” them into one or one of a couple of preset buildings, not to mention really cheap considering you could just sing a house while other races have to build theirs - not fair. if elves do get added, they’ll use tools just like real elves do (and not santa’s elves) (ELVES ARE REAL OK SHUSH). however, that won’t be until after the 3 human kingdoms are fully added in, and if we’re including other races, you have to consider making them different since they are a different race while not making them overpowered/superior to another race, or be forced to make them carbon copies of humans with different skins to be fair, albeit not lore-friendly.

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(The singing idea I got form a book called Eragon) but what I was thinking is that you would build the house in the normal building mode but then the tree would grow over time to make the shape of the house.

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I got what you mean, but it’d be too difficult to implement, fair or not, and making it fair is even more difficult

and yea, I had a feeling you got it from Eragon lol. so you know, I made this username years ago, back in middle school, and it stuck ever since. I made it in reaction to Eragon. the inheritance series is my favourite series. so high five!

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