New races ? Anyone remembers?

I want to let the idea of new races still living.
Here are some ideas for new races:
Dragons or Lizard people which live in jungles or swamps. They could be inspired by Japnese culture and a bit of steampunk. They name could be: “Successors of dragons”

Elves or forests nymphs. I mean they are partially plants (imagine something like the elf race from Guild Wars 2 or Poison Ivy from the Batman series) which live in VERY filled forests. They name could be: “Forrest Cult”

A “demon” race which lives in high mountains, and doesn’t think of classic demons, but they have still have clawed fingers, toes, and horns. They don’t have dark red skin but by arms very dark and pale ( i mean very pale) body skin. They name could be: “The, from the abyss”

A cat race (i mean feline animals: like lions, tigers or leopards) which lives on plains or taigas. Could they be inspired by African or Egyptian culture? They name could be: “Sacred Beasts”

A canine or even wolf race which lives in cold forests or tundras, with even frozen lakes. Could they be inspired by Russian or Chinese culture and even have athem based on the Russian language. They name could be: “Frost Monarchy”

A Bug race (yes a bug or insect race. I mean it seriously, there so few games with bugs as a race) They could be something like more civilized goblins, which used normal building styles, but with a small twist. Instead of making planks out of wood, they make papmache out of it to make the walls and the roofs are plates of broken papmache pieces. The name could be: “The Swarm”

So here are my, write your ideas for new or suggestions for improvments. I want to just live the idea for new races live longer.

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Im up for the Lizardmen, Birdmen, Catmen. As those are all in modern mythology/conspiracy. I like the idea!

Which idea you mean ?

The catfolk could be called Bastlings, after the Egyptian Cat goddess Bast-et. Primarily a black furred race, heavy on the gold jewelry, maybe soft, white clothing? Deserts are ungodly hot.

The Cat God, or maybe Panther God (depends on if you want it to be friend or foe race), could be called Sheut (Hieroglyph meaning Shadow or Dark). This god has given their little race the grace and agility of cats, and shows his blessing in the color of their fur. Bright green eyes peek from gilded lids think with golden liner. The flowing clothes of the Bastlings are white, or if they have the wealth, dyed bright sunset colors.

The Bastlings would be the race that Rayya’s Children would meet, rather than the Rabbit kin. They would be excellent hunters, excelling in archery and trapping. They can work Geomancy, but their trade lies in communing with their fellow creatures to create animal companions that go to battle with their chosen leader.

5th level Archers can take the Ranger Class (new class idea) and build a small army of furry friends. Each fuzzy compatriot is treated like a footman and can level up under the Ranger.

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