Added ideas about the game

I understand there’s alot on the team’s plate but I’d like to add in a few extra ideas such as new playable/not playable races and objects. I’d like to put out there that elves as a playable or maybe non playable peaceful race could be added with new building designs such as a building inside of a tree, or very tall prestigious structures. The elves could start with carpentry or even a new class that allows magic to be used in crafting, have floating crystals that give off light as lanterns and a sorcerer class, along with an experienced archer class maybe. I also wanted to point out that there’s not a whole lot of rug designs and not sure if people would upload those via mods or if they’d ignore it but if a few more carpet designs could be added then that’s be awesome. Another thing is that there’s a possibility of adding cats as an intelligent species, walking on their hind legs as a playable race or however you want them to be. Maybe even letting a high levelled Sheppard to advance animals in evolution to where they can join your town, thoughts?

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