Next Playable Race: Goblins!


So this topic was inspired by listening to Raj’s song here:

Which made me think: the next playable race should be the Goblins. To me, the goblins seem just as comical as they are dangerous, and you would start with a batch of goblins who want to be different and actually work together. So they build a town and have many of the same jobs (with different variations in name and looks) and have to deal with human raids by ‘heroes’ who want to wipe them out for being…green?

They could have their own magma smith and geomancers and soldiers and doctors; only difference being that the goblins are more clumsy and spend more time arguing amongst themselves and tripping and falling.

Plus, as a lore-friendly/race-specific feature, since most factions won’t trade with them, they have their own way of getting rare goods and that is by creating dungeons with tamed monsters and boss characters inside (have to risk putting a tempting treasure inside so heroes will want to come in). If the heroes make it out, they keep the treasure and you lose. But if they die, a Dungeon Master class would come in, sweep and clean up and take all the equipment and treasure of them!

A whole new way of playing co-op :slight_smile:

Sorry, I know this is still way down the line but listening to this music got me really excited!

[Dev Blog] Alpha 4 Update!

As long as it fits in the game. (I mean like things you would find, not saying goblins don’t fit because I like your idea) I think the more playable classes the better.


love the idea but think it best saved for a expansion, or just a simple mod someone makes. since this is a small team an that lot work for little change. i rather have new classes, or more variety in what you can build then a new playable race.


Definitely! Once the main game is released and the kinks are ironed out, one to new races! Dwarves, elves sure but give me some ridiculously comic goblins who run from trouble with their arms in the air screaming or elderly who wear glasses with no lense…

This is the world I want to live in


Here is an idea, instead of using the Goblins for Co-op, just use them in PVP. The Goblins could be a select-able kingdom/race (That is if the Three Playable Kingdoms stretch goal is passed) that you could use to fight your friends with in PVP matches. It would make sense too because they are already going to be used as a hostile force in the game. It is also likely that people would take interest in playing as their usual enemies as well. Or at least I would.


the devs have mentioned their intent for additional playable races, and the fact that they dont simply want to make simple variants on what we will initially be able to play with… so, entirely different class, or skill trees, etc.

i do like the idea of playing as goblins though… i just wager they will take them in an entirely different direction (gameplay wise), once they turn their attention to expanding the races… :wink:


well as long there are not too many, as more you have as less unique races can be…


That idea is AWESOME!!!
But by the way it should n’t just be goblins there should also be other monsters but goblins should be the main force because it’s the most popular enemy.
I would love to mess with my friends like that.
The goblins could a ability called: Pillaging .In which they can raid but in a more exciting instead of plain raiding.


awesome plan mate! goblins are cool enough said