Play as OGO! "New Race"

Hey Guys!

We all played stoneheart alot. Some of you noticed there are Goblins in the world and yes, yes they are very cute (my opinion) so i’ve been thinking about something… You can play as a human… But why not as a Goblin?!
Here is what i’ve been thinking about:

(in short “New race” goblins… start with one chief, other starting resources, other crafting items, animal trainer, OGO vs Human. More? ill edit if more ideas pops in.)

When you start you will have 1 chief…
(this COULD actually become a new class for the Goblins which will replace knight)

Funny names ^3^

Humans got Wood/clay and stone as a starting resource…
This is what OGO got than:

They start with a Trapper and a Carpenter. “Why?” Here is why!

You’ve seen the tents from the goblins cute right? as you can see they are made of hide or some other kind of cloth…
You can only collect that as a trapper!

They also start with a weaver as explained here above this sentence…

i asked myself this: “What can they craft?” well the same… but in the weaver you can make those tent for example 2 wood and 5 hide for a small one.

Their blacksmith is different because their armor is something else than the humans. these little OGO’s! need Strong Hide armor with any kind of plated material.
Their weapons is something else… you can actually make more weapons faster because they are cheap!
Many of them are made with wood with stone or any kind material. this will help you to make an OGO army!

“gobble… gobble…”

Further on we got a HUGE difference in the Herder. “WHY?!” Well! you’ve played the game so you’ve seen they could actually tame a wolf and fight with them! well fight with them is something else than a herder you will actually need some level herder to get a new class “IDK A NAME my bad Animal Trainer?” this will unlock couple animals to train such as: Fox, Raccoon an wolf or even sheeps! make your OGO animal army.

Even if this is a good idea than i think this would be perfect for the multiplayer later on… Imagine guys OGO vs Human! battle against your friends and show the power of Goblins.

Well guys this is just a small friction of the idea playing as OGO!
Add your ideas of being a goblin!

PS: "Sorry for the bad english hehe’



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greeting friend.
the goblin race is a crafty one that makes weapons from bone and wood.
they steal from heathlings for they cannot farm or craft the complex goods themselves.Wild creatures of the night and day like wolves and vanarus are there pets.many are under the command of a chief and the chief fight one another for pride and shinies. Will you find in your home from them or will you risk the fight?

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Hello Obsidian,

I totally agree man!
So the Goblins must raid in order to upgrade because of the bones and other items they will need order to get better.
But… yea they are stupid if we talk about intellegence so if they could get something to gain more idk… Mind? they will unlock simple recipices like sharp rock on stick… but they improve in recipies when they get more “Mind” like they all start with 1 mind and each mind level will add more shinies…
And about pride.
Maybe if they earn the honor token from raiding and that token would be used to get more goblins.
it’s just an suggestion it would be awesome this race to play.


it would be cool to control such a race and with the modders today it might be in our future. The multiplayer aspect is a cool idea having goblins playable would open many opportunities, orcs and kobolds may one day be playable too.

maybe make em sort of a tribe like? fighting humans for resources and new technologies, fighting other goblin tribes for new goblins/slaves and resources?

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