Can I mention some ideas I would like to see in game?

  1. Soldier units for Rayya’s Children. - I think they should have their own mark as a race. Why not rugged soldiers with some armour pieces on them? and they evolve accordingly, with the same template. I was thinking maybe they start off as a “rogue-like assasin’s creed uniform” then they evolve in …cooler oriental armours and appereance.

  2. Harvest gems/precious stones. - Continue the branch in crafting amulets/medallions/ornamental stuff ( gemcrafting/ jewelcrafting ). Amulets can give slighty improvements to the owners or…I don’t know. I want to see some greedy lootin’ and shiny craftables with minimal properties :smiley: I’m sure the dwarfs(upcoming as they say) will gloriously love to dwell in their treasures. Diamonds, Rubis, Saphires…all possible things that devs can come up with. Maybe a very rare stone called " wifwnefiuwfnj " that shines and you can make something good out of it :D.

2.1 Possibly found digging deeper in the mountains, as a vein, or just by pure luck to be found in general just by mining(but deeper)

  1. [Only if this game wants to go this route] Magic! - I understood there will be a geomancer somewhere in the future. But will this game continue in a more magical way?.. Maybe a ‘Wizard/Mage’ or ‘Enchanter’ branch might look interesting to see. And further on, continue in several elemental magics like…fire mage or water mage…ice mage(when the snow biome will come). Make a proffesion that works as a alchemist and tome writter, adding him as a magical addition to the ‘army’ :D. I wannt see spells. And can continue from the herbalist.

  2. Mounted knights? more animals that add to the flavour…such as taming horses maybe?..taming camels?..make them as a trade caravan aswell…just make an option to send them on an errand: Tame ex. Horse -> Breed -> Choose what will benefit with: Trading or Fighting? -> Trade caravan, just send it out of the map in other new lands, and he returns with profit and new goodies. Or make it a cavalry unit where the soldiers will become better.

  3. Water? anyone thought about connecting with water? Shipyards, sailors, traders, captains. I don’t know…just an ideea

5.1. Water…again. This brings me to a new proffesion. What about fishing? more food variety :D…Fisher - Fishing boat - Different fish types for the taste. How will this add to the game? Maybe you want a sea or water civilization, and they have their own perks, but that is just throghout play time.

  1. Architect? : I am inclined to constructions more then ever. So an architect is the top most upgrade proffesion, from all branches such as carpenter, potter, mason. Requirements: you need all 2-3 proffesions max level, and needs gold. And in the future, maybe the devs add a system where structures degrade through time, start becoming old, not-so-good-lookin’. So architect’s duty is to maintain the buildings by default, and probably he comes with new ideas. Maybe some simple military structures such as outposts / towers / garrisons/ walls…maybe a Communal house…bigger stuff, you know?

6.1 I mentioned that you pay the architect in gold. I am suggesting a way to use the resources. Because I keep gathering and stocking an abundant amount of them. Make me use these resources in a way by adding a cycle system of resources to put them in good use. So they won’t sit there waiting in stockpiles or storages.


I approve this message! :grinning:

I dont see the architect working at all :stuck_out_tongue: there are bound to be blocks that he cant get to hence these areas would degrade completely. or even whole building just made for show that he cant get to.

Think water is requested 5 times a month so hopefully we will see that some point soon.

There are a few mods that do this. Most are constantly updated. As of right now. We just hit Alpha 19 out of (insert number here) so we have a huge gap of time for suggestions. Most will most likely not be included. Not by Radiant. But by community modders. But I’ve been here since alpha 17, I’m a baby compared to these guys. So I don’t know what to expect. But your ideas sound amazing.

I totally agree with you. That would be a lot of effort to create i guess. But I was rather thinking in a more holistic approach, like you mentioned at the end - the architect takes the building as a whole, when you finish the construction. More like when you see in settlers rise of an empire, where the guy taking care of buildings comes in front of it and instantly “refreshes” it :D.

I honestly didn’t want to come with ideas taken from other games, because I respect the originality of the game creators. I just come up with these thoughts( probably combined in time) while playing the game and said to myself at some point “Hey, this could be nice to see ingame!”

nothing wrong in stealing ideas if you ask me…particular in programming.

since you could invent the wheel 50 times over if you wanted…but there will likely be a best wheel amongst those, so why not use that :P?

Im still slightly concerned that he would have troubles getting to some builds. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the information. I will definitely check to see what’s up :D. I hesitated since the beginning of the game development to place my thoughts. But maybe I would help by little, in a way.