Could we have religion?

A cleric could dedicate himself to a certain god, like a fighting god so that he casts damaging spells, or a healing god for healing spells? We could have special temples for each god/religion that clerics eat, sleep, and, in general, live in, as well as that hearthlings with a high spirit could come to pray so as to get buffs!
Is it a good idea? D’yer like it?


@imic thanks for taking the time to make a suggestion.

There is in fact religions for the various factions already (I.e for The Ascendancy their prophet/spiritual leader was Cid and they have the church if plenty.) But judging from your post you are asking for gameplay change based on religion.

Although I personally like the idea, it is unlikely that your suggestion will be implemented. Since the team has said that they don’t want substantial differences between the factions.

I hope this helps, keep the suggestions coming :grinning:


But it hasn’t to be a difference between the factions/races, just a decision like ‘do you want to fight, help the poor or build amazing stuff for leveling up your city’. Choosing a religious aspect for your first cleric could be a popup message (Hey, lets worship XY) and then you build XY’s altar (like the fountains) to get a small perk for your clerics like the power aura (or healing/motivating/scary/… buff for allies/enemies around the cleric).
In the early days we discussed religion and praying to gods/the titans a lot, maybe we could pick up some of these ideas again or mod them.

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@Spododo point well made. In the current lore there is only one religion per faction. This could obviously be switched. But another problem is the micro management.

While I may have worded it a bit… Badly, that was basically my idea.

The more micro the better :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
No, I see your point. I guess it depends a lot on how you tie this mechanic into the existing ones. Micro seems to be unavoidable with the magma smith etc., but things the auto-build mechanic for furniture etc. are designed to give us more time for these details.
It could also just be a part of the clerics special free time: Add a button to select a focus (like the archers arrows, but consistent for all clerics) and your clerics will spend half the day praying, half the day patrolling (why is that guy watching my stockpile btw? Is he trying to preach to my logs and stones?).
Of course your religious focus could also be decided through the starting menu, it could be interesting to write and draw that

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Regarding “the more micro the better” the team has consistently spoken about this they want to keep the game from being too heavy in the micro department.

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Then I would like to have all of my crafting management combined witth the place item window, please, so I can just place ghosts and auto-queue them :smiley:
I think we can agree that this would be a nice shiny thing to have, but it depends on the way it’s implemented and how much micro we’ll have in the game at that moment. Hopefully there’ll be a mod if it doesn’t become an official (sub)mechanic.
It could also just be a part of the Church of Plenty plot in my opinion. If we add it as a scenario (we’re getting lots and lots, right :slight_smile: ) it could be like festivals (still planned?): a rare event that makes your people happy or add a little buff.


This issue is better left to a mod.