Cultural quirks

I was thinking even if they implement religions the game may still seem a little bland. I was thinking that for example certain events may lead to certain little bits of culture.

For example if there is a mighty battle in which lots of your me die maybe on the same day every year there is a day of mourning. However things could be as small as you always bow when you enter a building as it is respectful.

What do you people think?


i think there is a wealth of opportunity for faith/gods and festivals/events… :smile:

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I think it is a great idea! It’s not the same as festivals/faith if I get it correctly. It’s more like how your characters behave based on what you did previously in game. Cool idea, and I for one wpuld be real happy to see it ingame :slight_smile:

The mourning an impact events seem very much a mod topic. This area is huge and there are lots of possibilities but as the other guys have pointed out, RE have some plans ahead to spice things up.

Yes you have got it right. For example if there was a plague outbreak, your citizens will be more likely to bow than shake hads. Also I was thinking that what if the longer the tradition is there the more cemented in society it becomes.

I’m thinking that the developers are depending on the community to enhance the cultural aspects of the factions in-game?

Although it would be nice to see the stereotypical 3 factions we’re used to seeing in most games:

  1. The West (European styled)
  2. The Orient (You know, Saladin-era Middle-East)
  3. Far East (Think of Ancient China or Japan. Not barbarians, huns [mulan lol] or khans)
    (and all the stereotypical actions performed by the stereotypical person from the stereotyped area)

As of now, such kinks are out of question. That’s further down the development road but it’d still be nice to have feedback.
I do agree with you that distinct differentiation between the factions will be important. Not just aesthetically but also in the way they act.