About religion - i've tried making a flow chart of possibilities


hope you can follow my scribble :wink:

I like the idea of religion. However, I feel this particular implementation is a little shallow.

  • Does religion only happen to craftsmen / people with non-worker jobs? (Is there a “worker” god and will he be the most popular, since you’ll usually have lots of workers?)

  • Aside from stats, how are apostles different from regular hearthlings? Do they hold gatherings / social events (like sermons) with other hearthlings? How does that affect other hearthlings?

  • Do followers of different gods quarrel with one another?

  • Is it possible to have a monotheistic societies?

And so on. I think religion is a great opportunity to explore the social dynamics between hearthlings, and any discussion about religion should start with that – that it’s a social phenomenon more than a stats and item granting system.