Feedback on slab tool for alpha 10

In the build of alpha 10 we have some upgrades to the slab tool. but i saw some flaws to it yet when you work with multiple slabs per building.

If you make a tower with only 1 block they will build it without problem, after the first slab, they will build scaffolding going up to the top of the tower.

But if you make a 3x3 base and a tower in the middle, they will only build the base and the first block of the tower, the same happened with a 5x5 base.

If you build the base first, then after it is completed you build the tower they will make it without any problems

As you can see i was messing around trying to test the new things the slab can make. After some tests, right now the white building i was trying to make would only be possible to finish if a build each part alone.


Does manually placing ladders help?

In a long build, make each section manually result in then actually building the slabs, as you can see in the pic, the white building pillars don’t get build over that high even with stairs.

And some of the slab tools don’t work.

More images to show what i was unable to build