Improving caffolding with complex buildings (w/slabs)

I’ve noticed an interesting thing. When there is a building constructed from primitives (walls, roofs) as well as additional slabs, hearthlings split this building project into segments based on these primitives.
For example, we have a wall of 1 block thinkness, made as follows. Several blocks in length with “freestanding wall”, then slabs (for example, for a custom doorframe or window), then “freestanding wall” again. While it is considered one building, hearthlings construct these parts separately and, as such, construct scaffolding for these parts separately. The smaller the parts, the more scaffolding they build. In an extreme case (2 blocks length freestanding wall, 1 block of slabs) we get a ladder to the top of the scaffolding every 1,5 blocks, even though it is obviously unnecessary.
I’ve also noticed that if we have slabs on the roof, sometimes they get to be built in the beginning of the construction, essentially hanging in the air.

What I suggest is:

  1. Do not build/expand ladders if we can get to the top of the scaffolding from adjascent one.
    I don’t know how hard can it be since it requires monitoring availability for pathing. An alternative I see is pre-analysing building to split it into more convenient segments (and construct solid scaffolding for these segments). This option seems more difficult.
  2. Do not add blocks to the building queue if there are no blocks adjascent to them, at least at the angle.