Seperating buildings in sections/layers

since hearthlings got extreme problems with pathfinding, while building complex creations, my suggestion would be to cut the buildings manually into pieces and the player should take control when the hearthlings start to build which sections. I had the problems, that sometimes hearthlings even blocked buildingplaces with ladders and scaffoldings or they never removed such things since they couldn’t reach such areas (like only 1 or 2 block high places). So similar to photoshop layers, we should have building layers, after 1section is finished (=also scaffolding and ladders removed) hearthlings start the next one. Theoretically this should prevent unfinished building but requires more player interaction.


An interestuing suggestion. I suppose it could be made as a temporary solution. But in the end I perceive it as something that can be automated without human guidance.


well the problem is, it can’t be 100% automated, since the player always designs with some single blocks, which can be part of the floor, a wall, simply as decoration etc… creating hundred of different purposes for blocks would be impossible, since every designer got is own style and the hearthlings can’t “see” the whole concept of a building. I am more of a functional designer, i design minimalistic and functional houses and i’m completely fine with the current design options, but others design amazing buildings, even using single blocks instead of the automated parts, and a lot of such creations have to be buidl step by step. (design, build few blocks and then place more etc…) or they design the whole thing and have to try whether the hearthlings accept the building…

So having more “breaks” in such creation would take more timq, since they remove all ladders and scaffoldings after each step, but would lead to a cleaner build.

and for maps like the desert it would be handy to have less wasted/unnecessary ladders and scaffoldings…

antoher small issue is the combination of autoqueued crafting, my hearthlings already start placing the furniture before they deconstruct the scaffolding. So some buildings like my storage bunker had still scaffolding on the inside whiel all the crates were already placed an blocked the path to 'em.