Separate stories as separate blueprints?

Assuming Blueprint A has a flat roof (by slab or floor) and that flat roof is equal to or larger than the footprint of Blueprint B, can you build B on top of A? (I’m not at home to test it).

If not, can we add that as a suggestion?

It specifically came to mind imagining a tower. Make a blue print of single, square building with internal stairs going up to the flat roof. Then just build that. And use the exact same blueprint to build another floor on top of that. And then on top of that… etc. Assuming Hearthlings don’t get nauseous from heights, you could build some pretty neat towers that way.

And that’s just off the top of my head. There may be other great ideas and inventions that could take advantage of a feature like that.

Obviously, the Build Tool needs to be cleaned up and fixed as it is before adding new features. I just wanted to toss this suggestion in. Thanks!

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Perhaps instead of a flat roof we could have just another floor? And furthermore, to make it more customizable, we could have multiple templates that look different from each other, but all of them are still able to connect?

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I’m actually already planning the “connecting” thing. Tower, Wall Segment, Front Gate. You could combine them in any combo to make a big, awesome town wall. But the build mode is so buggy I can’t make the blueprints save correctly. sigh

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I’ve been wondering about this myself. It would be so handy to be able to construct larger complexes in multiple builds, adding onto the existing structure instead of heaping one massive build onto the game engine and praying to the cute-and-fluffy hearthling lord that it doesn’t bug out during construction lol