Rebuilding old templates with the new builder

I’m having trouble remaking my buildings with the new builder. how do i merge sections together. and get rid of the walls dividing them?

i want to have a court yard in the middle and i want to get rid of the walls at the bottom of the picture that are preventing this building from being one continuous loop.
i can do it with the old builder easily. but the new builder has advantages that i want to take advantage of.
i want if to look like this:

this was made with the old builder.
is there a way to do this or am i out of luck?

use the “Holes tool”
each face of the starting cube will set the direction you’ll be able to cut so it can be tricky at first

so your saying just to use the holes tool to just cut out the walls that don’t belong? but the pillars would still be there. and wouldn’t it still act like a wall?

tested what you’re trying to build and if you overlap the last wall it becomes one large room… that’s weird…
@jamiltron sorry to bother you :no_mouth: that behaviour is normal?

edit: this happened when i used one room and splitted the walls to create the desired shape

you can delete the wall but, if you try to modify it later, the pillars will still act like there is a wall.
you may also paint the pillars if you want but it wont delete them

i did the same thing and that happened to me too.

new way… it worked :sweat_smile:
use more than one room and it works
one room will try to be one again xDDDD

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You can pretty much make a big room, use the hole tool to carve a hole in the center, making it the doughnut shape you want, then use the wall tools to add the center walls

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i think that will be a problem if you need to modify the width of the corridors

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well i tried that having to rooms at opposite corners that meet but m still stuck with 2 interior walls that i don’t want. I must have done something wrong.

what did i do wrong?

@Kodi4444 if you delete those walls it should keep the court yard

how do i delete just those walls?

the Holes tool should work

it doesn’t make much of a difference because I’m still left with the pillars of here the wall used to be

and the two sections appear to be separate

you can paint the pillar to hide it (is the brush near the holes tool)
and yes, the builder will keep them as two rooms in case you modify them but it should be propperly built


Guys, it is a room with a hole in the middle, so just do that? I think you are going the harder way.

Did you tried that? To me it sounds way more intuitive.


I still wish i could just add walls to the inner part like the old builder. so i don’t have to make 4 separate walls and intersect them with the wall tool.

In the older builder the “raise wall” was useful yes, but also extremly limited. It would be a single thing, while now you can adjust each face of the wall, and even raise or lower them, way better.


once you’re sure about the size of the court yard it works perfectly
yet if you need to modify it you’ll need to move the walls and fix the floor

btw, deleting the undesired wall can give problems too when you try to expand to those areas

Not really, you can simple drag the wall easily:


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holy (insert banned word here)… i played around editing my 2 rooms and ended up with more walls than what i expected and needed looool