Combine Templates [ New Builder ]

Something i love about the new builder is that i can put blocks and objects where ever i want and they will become the same building which is amazing however recently when i started working on a bigger project for a Castle i realized that i probably should do a tower and reuse it so i don’t have to design the same tower 2-4 times and risk having them not look 100% the same and take a ton of time.

With the new builder as far as i know there is no possibilities to put out a template let’s say a Tower and then put out another template and then combine them to be the same building. This would be amazing if it was made so that we can put Templates together to become the same building. This was possible to do with the Old Building System even tho it was pretty buggy :slight_smile:

How it could work
Hold Shift Select Building 1 and Keep hoping shift select Building 2,3,4,5 ect and click [Button Combine Templates]


A tool like this is going to be almost essential if the renovation gets implemented. One could add something close to or on top of a renovated building, forget about not having it selected or whatever and build it as a separate entity. Having the ability to merge the structures would save everything.

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