Building Failed/Won't Finish


I currently have 24 hearthlings and was building a castle on a island to call home. I had the walls up and just built/designed a semi complected gate tower. I hit build and it appears the game built most of the tower but all the scaffolding is still up and the hearthlings have stopped building and are now just lazing around. I have not done anything except save the game since they stopped working. Would like to share the save with the dev team if they want to investigate. Thank you.

I’m having this same problem. the villageers always stop around the roof phase of the construction.

I’ve been using fairly simple building designs and the y still get “stupid” when it comes to the roof.

I only started having this trouble after the most recent update.

Please help, this feature is super cool and I would love to try more complex building but it drives me “FREAKIN BONKERS” looking at a half done building that the villagers won’t finish, or remove.

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Same here! The default buildings have even had issues a few times but often fix with a reboot. I also noticed that it only started happening after the update.

@PerseusOne, @Randomkenn: For buildings that don’t complete, the devs would prefer if you uploaded the building template. Take a look at the linked thread:

The default buildings (assuming you are referring to the provided templates) should not have any issues. I just tested all 8 of them (both Ascendancy and RC) and had no issues. You mentioned that they are often fixed with a reboot. It sounds to me like you are having more of an idle Hearthling problem then a building problem.

Can you be a bit more specific please? What version were you playing, and what update did you receive? BTW, welcome to the Discourse!

a day or so after the Ahpla 14 update is when my troubles begain. I will be glad to upload the template, i’m just not exactly sure how to do that.

Plus, I’m learning how to use imgur, trying to download a modd, and trying to get the baby back to sleep all at once.

Give me a few minutes and I will get it up there.

No rush, more important that you play the game and have fun then worry about uploading bugs! Instructions for uploading templates are at the post that I included above. Please post the template(s) there. Let me know if you have any issues.

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The hotfix to Alpha 14 that pushed through on steam automatically on… Thursday I think, so February 11th. Until then I hadn’t had the idle issue or the custom building issue (in regards to hearthlings refusing to build roofs.)

Interesting, the hotfix shouldn’t have affected building in any way…

¯_(ツ)_/¯ I only noticed it after that, not to say it wasn’t something that could have/was happening beforehand.

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