Tower not being built - Develop 3002

My Hearthlings Refuses to Build this Tower at random times they seem to stop tried on two different saves just to see and they never finish it on either of them. I seen this on a few other building before but i start with this one.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Put out my template on a world
  2. Put hearthlings to build it

Expected Results:
Building being built and scaffolding removed
Actual Results:
Left unfinished with parts missing and random the times i tried it where they stop building
I have a few mods but those only add more crafts and i do not use any of these mods in this building this all original parts of the core game.

Building Template
broken tower alpha 17 (21.0 KB)

Fails first time to build at the very end of construction i have all the resources needed for it to be built and hearthlings just idles. They never placed any windows or doors

Second Time Fails Earlier on a brand new world - have all resources except for doors and windows

Version Number and Mods in use:
Develop 3002 Alpha 17
Jomaxro Doorways updated to latest for alpha 17
Settlement decor mod
Spiros Windowmod

System Information:
i7 920
AMD 7950
Samsung 840 Game drive
Asus p6tdeluxe v2

If you have a error message about scaffolding when reloading the save when this problem occurs then the problem is that the game doesn’t understand that it needs to update the scafolds after a new part of the building is completed. This bug is discussed in another topic, so you should check that out.