Building quirk in caves

In my quest to break things in the game, I discovered a quirk with building in caves. I’m lining walls in a cave 4 blocks tall with the flooring already built as a separate build. The bottom two layers of the walls went smoothly but they attempt to build scaffolding as they proceed. The result is an inability to finish the wall because the scaffolding can’t be finished above the second layer. The hearthling tendency to build while standing on the layer below means they can’t complete a cave build without 3 blocks of headroom above. Including a screenshot

Edit: the walls are built with the slab tool

i’m currently using the experimental AI and pathfinder (both are great, btw) so I’m not sure if that factors into the cave building

This one has been around for quite a while. The hearthlings won’t build scaffolding when the roof gets in the way of them standing on it, but they can’t build if they can’t stand on the same height.

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but I haven’t written a bug report in days! I was starting to get “the itch”…lol

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It probably doesn’t hurt to remind them that it still exists every now and then :wink:


The only way I’ve found around this is to make everything 2 layers high. It’s a lot of extra digging but it does make your rooms more spacious feeling.

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