New building methods/priority?

I noticed that while building multi-story buildings my Hearthlings will make all the scaffolding first, and only then start to even make floors. Is this going to stay this way? My guess is thats only the side effect of new building options and it`ll be fixed, am I right?

For now it seems that my brave Hearthlings made huge cage for mammoth :slight_smile:


Thats unusual, I havn’t seen that happen in any of my saves. However my heathlings do go a bit crazy with the scaffolding when putting the roofs on buildings.

Yes this bug has happened to me as well today, I don’t know if it has been reported yet. It happens with big multistory buildings. They will also make a second set of scaffolding inside the first.
Hearthlings can only stand on top of scaffolding so its a bug for sure. you should rebrand this post to active bug, if someone else hasn’t reported it yet

Thanks for confirming. Topic category changed.

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